Local fashion from head to toes: How I celebrate Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.  – Matahma Gandhi   On April 22, more than 193 countries celebrated Earth Day. This Monday also marks the [...]

Top photos: A retrospective on my “model” life in words and pictures

  I started blogging here because, above all, I felt the need to express myself. Writing my thoughts down has been a real challenge for me. However, what I find most difficult is not what to [...]

From Montreal to Antwerp: to remember is to live again

  As Arianne Moffat’s lyrics say, “it is in original format that I return to Montreal”. Once again, I have just returned from a trip. Every time is special for me. These words, which I [...]

I’m not your “mamacita” or how to break 5 Latina stereotypes

  A man approaches me: “What’s your name?,  “where do you come from?”, “do you speak Spanish?” So, he launches a few words in Spanish by adding [...]

Afro Fashion Expo: 3 words to amaze, touch and fill you with pride

  Three years ago I embarked on the adventure of the Afro Fashion Expo, formerly Pop-Up Beauty. My mission was to promote multiculturalism and share this wealth not only among people from [...]

Grey is the new black: when 4 women in fashion embrace their natural salt and pepper hair

  Stylish, we are all in our thirties and have chosen to embrace our natural hair. More and more women are proudly letting their hair go grey, breaking the traditional fashion and beauty [...]

From broken heart to femme fatale: I overcame (another) breakup

  February finally ends while leaving us in its path, the traces of the party that comes with: Valentine’s Day! I know I know. I’m late. I wanted to release this text well [...]

A STORY IN PICTURES. Here’s how I chose to shine and dare the red carpet look

Julieta Rosibel. Makeup: Mélodie Galarneau. Hairstylist: Cristal Han Salon. Dresses: Bella Design. Earrings: The Bow Jewelry Photographer: Lionel Hally Coming from a family with modest means, I [...]