Julieta Rosibel is a model, fashion coach and story teller. She was born in Nicaragua and raised in Montreal (Canada) and in a Latin American family, surrounded by a multicultural environment. After finishing her studies at HEC Montreal and obtaining her chartered professional accountant designation, she decided to pursue her passion for fashion by becoming a model and studying at ESG UQÀM Fashion School. Julieta’s depiction about her experience within fashion industry, has led her to become a prolific voice in the movement that promotes body and cultural diversity.

Julieta Rosibel was one of the seven finalists of the casting «All Silhouettes», organized by Clin d’œil magazine in 2015. She is also part of the «Petites Femmes aux Grands Rêves» team which received the jury’s favourite « Image/in 2016’s» award from the Équilibre organization. Behind the camera, she gives catwalk workshops, coordinates and manage fashion shows. She has especially worked on Miss Kabi’s fashion show «Afro Fashion Expo». She was also a blogger for Ton Petit Look where she talked about fashion, art, beauty and women’s concerns.

Julieta Rosibel actively works to shed light to give fresh impetus to the arts and fashion world by seeking to influence women and young people about self-acceptance. She’s also committed to social issues close to her heart such as women empowerment, education, physical and mental health and veganism.

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