A STORY IN PICTURES. Here’s how I chose to shine and dare the red carpet look

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Julieta Rosibel. Makeup: Mélodie Galarneau. Hairstylist: Cristal Han Salon. Dresses: Bella Design. Earrings: The Bow Jewelry Photographer: Lionel Hally

Coming from a family with modest means, I told myself that one day, working very hard, I would be able to live so easily that I could wear beautiful outfits at a gala affair and evening’s red carpet. Little girl, I liked to learn about fashion houses and their collections through fashion magazines. The gala season was the time of the year to test my knowledge! 

The Hollywood awards season continues with the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7th. Since childhood, I look at this type of gala, not for the nominees, the jokes of the host or the performances, but for the red carpet! Still today, I have fun to guess who are the designers of these dresses that still make me dream: Versace, Armani, Dior, Valentino, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad … 

Growing up, I realized that seeing actresses walking on a red carpet with perfect complexion, silhouette and look was nothing real for the average person. Not only did I question the fact that this is reserved for a group of privileged people, but also about the Western beauty standards that are presented there.

Being exposed to Hollywood beauty standards or even Latin American farándula can also have an impact on how I perceive my body image. I do not have a top model look at all, I do not have a complete team behind me who takes care of every detail of my look and I do not often attend big parties like that. Apart from the beautiful pictures and fashion shows I’m doing, I’m also a woman with her own insecurities.

To give up the perfect body is, for me, to accept the body I have since the end of my growth and which is also a reflection of my cultural heritage. My breasts, my hips, my buttocks, my face, my size … they seem imperfect to me, but in relation to who or what? Will that stop me from wearing what I want?

As I go in the field of fashion through the fashion shows and workshops that I organize, the more I meet women who admit to being inspired by my style. It’s amazing when they tell me they read things I said or were inspired by things I did. This helped them to feel more positive about their image and to overcome certain fears such as these ones:

Special occasions
Fancy parties do not come to my door on a white horse. I leave my house and try to discover new surroundings. Also, no need to attend the Oscars to have your hair and makeup done and to afford to dress glamorous! Where? When? How? It’s up to you to decide! This outfit may be hiding in your wardrobe! Besides, a special occasion is…a special occasion. If you never wear bright colors, glitter, fitted dresses, low-cut; it’s time to wear it if you feel like it.

The right body or age
If we stopped at that, we would not wear anything pretty. If I told you the comments I received on the shape of my cleavage! When in doubt, wear your little black dress… Oh! no, wear red or leopard print! Do you know that even being in my early thirties; people criticize the way I dress by saying that I’m too old, especially when I wear shorts in the summer? Damned if you do, damned if you do not…

What people say
Do those people who criticize me feed me? Are they my mother or father? Do they have the last word on my life? In the end, the opinion of others does not change anything essential. I continue to have a family and an entourage who loves me. I still have the same expenses too! Why care then?

These rules do not apply to me and don’t have to apply to you either. I dreamed of wearing beautiful outfits and feeling like a star. Take a look at the gallery above to see some photos, made in the simplicity of my home. This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of people and companies from the Montreal area, who each in their own way, use their talents to promote diversity in the world of fashion and beauty. 

What can you expect for 2018 from me? Even more glamour and more sexiness in my life! I wish you a great year!

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